You have permission to live an abundant life - which simply means that the material, emotional and spiritual things you desire can be yours when you learn how to live with an abundant state of consciousness;

$50USD per hour

*Available to lead workshops and seminars.

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Connect with your Sacred Team (your guardian angel, spirit guides, ancestral guides, Source) and receive the messages they enthusiastically want you to hear that will help bring clarity and direction to your life;

$100USD for the whole shibang / reading, recording, coaching and follow up

$50USD for the reading & recording

$25USD for a quickie reading


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Hello Bravehearts,

Shevy Cardoza - Writer, Oracle, Coach
​​​My name is Shevy Cardoza and I have an immediate request of you. Please remember, know, and contemplate these three truths:

1. You are abundance.
2. Your Sacred Team - your guardian angel, spirit guides, ancestral guides, Source - is always giving you messages that will help you live your best life.
3. Feed your mind, heart, soul, body with the right content and you will positively change the way you see and show up in the world.
Breathe these truths in, drink it in, know it, live it, BE it.
Then, consider having a session with me (see below) to receive support on the physical action steps needed to make these truths YOUR LIVING REALITY.

Copyright © Shevy Cardoza. All rights reserved.

This is excellent service for those wanting to bring a personal human touch to their business and / or organization. The human relatable element is a huge piece of any Public Relations campaign today. Who are you? What have you done? Why are you qualified to offer the service / product that you do? Share your story with your audience and inspire them with the experiences and lessons you have have received. 

To receive this service, schedule an appointment with me, tell me your story and I will write it for you in a clear, interesting way that will hold and captivate your audience.

$50USD per hour 
$75USD for the first 700 words. $25USD for each additional 200 word block

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