If you have ever said, 'I could write a book about my life,' then I'm here to help you either by writing YOUR story on your behalf or by guiding you in writing your story yourself. 

Shevy Cardoza is burgeoning, passionately driven Communication Healer who uses written words, public speaking and private coaching sessions to inspire, motivate and heal people from all around the world. Her communication healing methodology is based on the simple premise that in order to truly heal from the deepest layers of our being we must tell our old stories, release them from our hearts and create new stories that reflect the life we really want to live. Her communication healing offerings include:
- A free weekly newsletter in your inbox with powerful and moving human interest stories that will help you heal (sign up for her newsletter above).
- Availability for public speaking engagements on how to free your heart and live the life you really want by telling and releasing your story in a safe way.
- One on one coaching sessions that nurture you in a safe and non-judgmental space to tell any and all the stories that have been eating you alive and holding you back from stepping into your true potential.

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I'm available to lead workshops on telling your story as a pathway to emotional healing and

spiritual growth.

A note from Shevy; 

What is a Communication Healer?
I coined the term Communication Healer to describe my own healing process and the heart of my unique offering to the world. When I was nine years old I started to tell 'my story' in an attempt to connect and ease my feelings of loneliness. Over the years my ability to tell stories became quite raw and honest and transformed into not only a way to connect but also a way to be cathartic and heal my emotional wounds. Then as I matured both emotionally and spiritually telling my story became a teaching, a guide and most important a permission for others to tell their story back to me in a safe, comfortable and fearless way. When I took a step back and observed the process I realized that this process was communication in its most healing form.

What is this process of Communication Healing?
It is simple. Many of us long to be heard. We also long for our communication to be lovingly acknowledged, understood, received and accepted. Yet in spite of this longing we get caught in the trap of not knowing HOW to communicate our stories or we lack the courage to communicate our story - our truth bravely. My intention is to offer a way to remedy this contradiction by either telling your story on your behalf using my skills OR by guiding you to tell your story on your own.

Who does Communication Healing serve?
The broad answer is Anyone desiring to use the tools of communication to bring about healing and transparency to a particular or general story. More specifically though I am especially able to support 'Radicals.' I use that term lovingly to describe those of us who make choices for our lives that go against our tribes, that learn to become truly OK with that while still knowing how to LOVE our tribe and that allow our choices to carve out the life we deeply desire to live. Radicals certainly have a story waiting - begging to be told.

My Qualifications are:
* Communication Specialist * Excellent Written, Oral and Leadership skills * The ability to work intuitively * The ability to teach self development workshops * A regular personal mindfulness practice * Intermediate Japanese conversation skills


​​Communication Healer / Oracle currently based in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Communicate with your Sacred Team - Your Angels, Spirit Guides and Source and receive the messages you need for your life.

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Shevy Cardoza

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