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Intuitive Tarot Readings

​Connect with your Sacred Team (your guardian angel, spirit guides, ancestral guides, Source) and receive the messages they enthusiastically want you to hear that will help bring clarity and direction to your life;

$100USD for a reading, coaching
and follow up

$50USD for a reading only

to schedule an appointment.

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Chakra Yoga & Meditation

Align your chakras (your seven energy centers) with yoga and get still with meditation to expand your intuition, creative energy and abundance;

$1000 JMD per group class

$25 USD for a 90 minute private class

to schedule an appointment. 

Abundance Life Coaching

You have permission to live an abundant life - which simply means that the material, emotional and spiritual things you desire can be yours when you learn how to live with an abundant state of consciousness;

$50USD per hour

*Available to lead workshops and seminars.

to schedule an appointment.

Shevy cardoza

​Writer / oracle