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Shevy Cardoza

'The abundance diet came at the most opportune time -as it would, in true abundant fashion. It's been a joy seeing the nuggets of wisdom every morning and taking them throughout the day; drawing on them when my thoughts have wavered and tried to slip back into poverty consciousness. I give thanks that Shevy has taken the time to share her abundance so freely, as I can now foster, hone and share mine.'


What I'm about

With the help of my inner guidance, many books, Yoga & Meditation, Healers and a few really open-hearted friends I have overcome a lot. Now I am ready to serve and give back the tools that helped me get to the other side where I am in flow with abundance, my intuition and creative energy. ​​ 

It took a while though. Going through my darkest days was often very lonely and felt terribly uncomfortable in my body. The worst was being in financial lack and feeling like I was powerless to change it.

But I did change my life and I continue to do so relying heavily on universal truths and my intuition. Now, I can confidently say that I can help you to do the same. (See my services here.)

Dearest Shevy
I simply must express how satisfying your Abundance Diet has been.  [:-)]  The simple, honest reflections each day reach to my core, and in true Angelic fashion are just what I need, when I need it.  Your words provide a safe ground for reflection, with no judgement and  move me into action. 

Added to the pointed 'big sister' direction has been my individual reading. I am grateful to my guardian angels for directing you to me, I am thankful for the sharing. You guided the process and ensured a place of trust an openness, thank you. The connection was awesome.  There were points I felt like crying, and I felt secure in knowing that your calm and reassuring voice would be there for me if I did. The reading was accurate and my work has begun, thank you, thank you, thank you!  The recommendations you made for me I know are sound and I look forward to sharing the outcomes with you....and also to another reading! 

Blessed love, 


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